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Userboxes are simply templates that you add on your profile page to describe you and help people narrow down your personality. This page shows a list of all userboxes and their codes. With this, you are able to go on other peoples pages and look at their userboxes. For more information, contact the lead admin, Secretagentgirl

If there is a userbox that you know isn't on here, please insert it on the Userbox Requests page.

Adding a Userbox

  1. Click edit on the top, right hand corner of your user page.
  2. Go and click on the "Insert" tab on the top.
  3. Next, go down the list, from there, you will see and click on "Template".
  4. A menu will pop up. Type in the "codename" into the search box.
  5. Select the userbox.
  6. And You're done! Hope you enjoy your userbox.

Buster Moon

14502962 1495488203799966 7673723587711420336 n
My favorite character is
Buster Moon!

Code: BusterMoonUB


14457345 1497362776945842 5806683352754712312 n
My favorite character is

Code: RositaUB


14492608 1497362780279175 3284289052783750833 n
My favorite character is

Code: MikeUB


14666108 1509557382393048 6223110435099376912 n
My favorite character is

Code: EddieUB


14446151 1495488767133243 2209275308868958857 n
My favorite character is

Code: AshUB


14516524 1497362770279176 3961374340297673420 n
My favorite character is

Code: MeenaUB


My favorite character is

Code: JohnnyUB


14702443 1509557385726381 2875457784540111307 n
My favorite character is

Code: GunterUB


My favorite movie is

Code: Sing

Sing Rocks

Vlcsnap-error654 This user thinks Sing rocks!!!

Code: SingRocks

Sing User

Wiki-wordmark This user loves Sing!!!!

Code: SingUser


Wiki-wordmarkThis user is an admin here.

Code: AdminUB


Wiki-wordmarkThis user is a bureaucrat here.

Code: BureaucratUB

Content Moderators

Wiki-wordmarkThis user is a content moderator here.

Code: ContentModUB

Discussion/Chat Moderators

Wiki-wordmarkThis user is a discussion moderator here.

Code: DiscussionModUB

Top Editor

Ash on guitar OMG!

This user is a Top Editor!!!!

Code: TopEditor

One Edit

Template:1edit Code: One Edit

100 Edits

Template:100edits Code: 100edits

500 Edits

Template:500edits Code: 500edits

1000 Edits

Template:1000edits Code: 1000edits

1000 Edits

Template:1000 Edits Code: 1000 Edits

5000 Edits

Template:5000edits Code: 5000edits

10000 Edits

Template:10000edits Code: 10000edits

Sing Heart

Victoriousheart Sing has a special place in this user's heart!

Code: SingHeart

NOTICE: There is more to be coming soon. Here are just the main ones.

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