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Welcome to the SING Wiki!

Welcome to the SING Wiki, the unofficial collaborative encyclopedia for the animated comedy adventure film Sing, which premiered in the United States on December 21st, 2016. This wiki is your number one source of information about the characters, songs, cast and much more from SING!

We currently have 6,624 edits to 260 articles and 685 images on this wiki.

Please be aware that this wiki contains all kinds of information about SING, including occasional spoilers for the movie. If you have yet to see SING, please view our wiki cautiously. We have provided spoiler warnings on pages when necessary.

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Featured Character (March 2017): Ash


Ahs 000

Punk rocker, voiced by Scarlett Johansson

Ash (likely short for Ashley) is a female crested porcupine who is one of the two deuteragonists in the movie Sing. She is voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

Ash is an anthropomorphic porcupine. She has light brown fur with dark brown and tan quills. She also has blue eyes. She wears a white long sleeved shirt under her black mid-sleeved shirt. She has a red, yellow and green checkered skirt, and her guitar is red and white. She wears dark blue and white lace up shoes.

Ash is a prickly teenage porcupine with a punk rock attitude. She auditions for the competition with her egotistical, unsupportive jerk of a boyfriend (which eventually cheats on her), unable to see just how much he is holding her back. In rehearsals, her rebellious nature continually puts her at odds with Buster, who envisions her as a pop star princess whereas Ash wants to write her own authentic rock songs that reflect her unique style.
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Featured Image (March 2017)
Buster finds Meena singing

Buster Moon finds Meena singing "Hallelujah", as seen in SING.
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Sing - Own It! March 3 on Digital HD00:57

Sing - Own It! March 3 on Digital HD. March 21 on Blu-ray, DVD & 4K Ultra HD-1

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