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Please refer to the policies page and this page, too. Follow them to avoid a potential block.

On the SING Wiki, you may:

  • Edit pages
  • Post appropriate images
  • Speak with the administration
  • Interact and talk with other users
  • Make a request to the administration
  • And many more!

On the SING Wiki, you may not:

  • ​Post inappropriate pictures (eg. sexually explicit, gory, or otherwise pointless images)
  • Use inappropriate language in any form (eg. swearing, sexually explicit language, racism, etc.)
  • Create and use other accounts to evade a block
  • Beg an admin to block someone
  • Attempt to seek revenge on someone
  • Edit exclusively for badges (these are to be legitimately earned)
  • Disrespectfully demand an administrator unblock one's self or someone else

Thanks for reading! If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact one of our admins, listed here.

Enjoy your time on the SING Wiki!

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