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Jalloul "Chico" Bouchikhi (born 1954 in Arles) is a musician and a co-founder of the Gipsy Kings. He later left the Gipsy Kings and founded Chico & the Gypsies.[1]

Bouchikhi was born in Arles to a Moroccan father and an Algerian mother.[2] He is married to the daughter of José Reyes. His brother, Ahmed Bouchiki, was gunned down by Mossad agents in the Norwegian town of Lillehammer in July 1973 in the Lillehammer affair. Bouchikhi had been mistaken for Ali Hassan Salameh.[3]

He is also UNESCO's special envoy for peace,[4] and has held a major concert in Israel with his band.Template:Clarify He has also played before Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat during the Oslo Accords peace negotiations.[3]


As part of the Gipsy Kings

  • 1982: Allegria
  • 1983: Luna de Fuego
  • 1988: Gipsy Kings
  • 1989: Mosaïque

As part of Chico & the Gypsies

Refer to discography section of Chico & the Gypsies

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